Gals – Tomorrow some of us will reunite. You are my bestest pals. I love you all in a thousand directions and in a thousand places all over my heart.

We are so good together. We are so loud together. We are the greatest gong show, and the quietest moments.

We shed the scales of adolescence together. We discovered what “ZAN!” means together. We’ve stripped naked and plunged ourselves into the sea. Both the literal sea, and the shaky, stormy seas of life (love that metaphor – gross).

We knew how important this sisterhood was when we forged our own ways in this world. We made pacts – drew blood – to keep this ‘hood sacred and connected.

seriously?!? how young are we?

We dance and sing and scream and shout and laugh and sigh and sweat and giggle and break-down and forgive and get mad and grow up and learn and relearn and relearn again. But mostly we try so hard to love one another in the purest and simplest way.

chop the…. night?

And on Saturday, one of our sweet gals is getting married. We love her. We love her new guy. (I especially love that he is teacher – stick together educators!). We get to gather around like the chickens we are and surround her with love. SO MUCH FREAKING LOVE! It’s that simple. I love these gals.

She’s getting married!


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