Wowie! 5 Months!

Here she is! In all her glory. She’s five months.

And she’s still such a peach. This last month she’s had quite a few milestones, but when every day is a steady progression it’s hard to define when she started to grab a hold of things including her pudgy little toes, imitate our noises, laugh at herself in the mirror, talk like a girl (seriously, there is no way she is a boy with that high pitched little squeal of joy… and sometimes pain-stupid teething/poor pup).

I look forward to so much with her. I am in love with her. Her dad is in love with her, and she’s in love with him. And I’m also in love with that guy. Always.

I cannot believe I get to know this little human being. I get to observe her life from the very start, really from before she started. And I know I’ve said it before, but she is honestly, the best baby. 

She’s a magician. She is full of magic. Full of curiosity. Full of newness. Isn’t that something to look forward to as parents, to be able to see as she sees. To be able to experience life anew, through new eyes. To get excited about seeing a squirrel eating a nut on a log, or a fish jump in a pond, or the shimmer of silver on the ocean tides. Or better yet… to believe that it is all there because of love. Because isn’t God love? And we get to just live in this love. Eviebear just does. She just lives comfortably in a state of love and wonder. And I get to just observe and hopefully contribute to this ever-expansive, endless love she is experiencing daily.

What a gal.

And honestly, how awesome are those massive diapers! Bubblebutt.



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