Today I am thankful for:

1. The Bellingham Farmers Markets – so much people watching.

2. Seeing friends at the Farmers Market – it makes me feel cool and part of a community. I really love this growing community.

3. A long walk talking to Marie on the phone. I’m so excited for her life.

4. Evelyn Mae – I’m always thankful for her, but especially today since I was dreading 2pm when she was going to get her 4 month shots (yuck!), and the nurse pricked her and it didn’t even cause her to look up from my boob. I’m still astounded since the first bout was pretty disastrous for my heart.

5. The big changing table in the bathroom at the library (and also that we still have libraries, the truest form of democracy).

6. Stealing two bites of Josh’s sandwich which was made in heaven by angels who pick apples and jalapenos and melt them into gouda then slap that sweetness on a bun with chicken. My mouth is still watering.

7. Smelling spring. You know what I’m talking about right? I could take baths in it all winter and forget my dread.

Because i'm vain and winter is gone, but I love dressing like a mennonite/Ukrainian. You know what I mean Christie B.McG?


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