4 Months!

So I officially suck at blog writing. Like my non-internet life, it is inconsistent and erratic and, now thanks to the lady of my life, all about Evie. And to those few readers (Linda, Kimmy, and Heather) who actually subscribe to my blog, here is an update in photos (although Linda – you don’t count since you see her practically everyday). 


Dad dressed her up as a little Buddha. We rub her chubby belly for good luck. That’s a Buddhist tenet, isn’t it?


We went bowling. I beat Josh while I had her in the Ergo. I mentioned she’s good luck, right?


She snoozes a lot. She also stores secrets in those jowls like hamsters store their little seeds in their cheeks.


I could survive on these for months. Just nibbling on those little wiggly toes fills my belly with all sorts of joy. And I find myself quoting that old, homeless guy in 30 Rock who tells Liz “I want to put your feet in my mouth” all the time. And I mean it. 


We’ve been out hiking a bit. She’s going to be ann outdoor adventurer. It’s in her blood. Because she’s part lion/part mountain goat. It’s inevitable, Like a match (that is an inside joke for a select few). 


I honestly live here. It makes me envious, and I LIVE here. 


And she is still, although I AM her mom, the best baby on the block. I could brag for hours, but, no, I will. She is the best. I am going to celebrate this little four month old. She is tenacious, curious, joyful, funny, musical, and magical. She sleeps like a champ with no assistance from us. She loves to capture peoples eyes and then draw them in with her smile (like a seductive vampiress?). And a little anecdote from today – We were at a Good Friday service and some fellow began playing the cello. She had been looking all around and making small, little, respectful baby noises (because that’s the kind of gal she is – she knows when to tell a loud story, or when to quietly observe), and she immediately stopped her curious glances to stare intently at the cellist (is that right?). She was mesmerized. At different key changes she would stick her arm out, without losing her focus, and begin to move her hand about in the air like she was trying to feel the music he was making, or she was conducting because she likes to be in charge like her mom. Regardless of what she was trying to do with her little arm, she was magic. In that moment, she was, and is, magic because she is getting to experience life in all it’s newness, and lucky me, I get to sit back and watch and see all that is old to me, become new once again because it is for her. I just love this pal of mine. Happy Four months little babybear. 


One thought on “4 Months!

  1. Too precious…and other than the incorrect information…you were the best baby on the block..Evie is obviously working on taking the title from her sweet mama.

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