hovering mothers

Invisible Mothers

I have to confess a deep seated fear on here. Publicly, so friends can know what is stirring in my heart when I come by for a visit with my constant pal, Evelyn. I fear my presence. I fear that people will not allow themselves to love her fully because the mother is hovering. The mother is leering around the corner with her eye pierced on her baby giggling with friends. I do NOT want to be like that. I want the ones I love to love her fully. I want the ones I love to share secrets with Evelyn. I want the ones I love to whisper prayers in her soft, hairy ears. I want the ones I love to stir up her infectious smile (which is not very hard to do… oh my little happy one).

I know that I am not alone. I have felt the gaze of a mother when I am playing with their child and I start to get worried that I’m doing it wrong. That I can’t enter into their imaginative world because the mother is leering. I know that most mothers are not leering but gazing fondly, but mothers can be intimidating.

So my loved ones, know that when I look over at you giggling with Evelyn, I am not trying to interfere with your time, I am only a magnet. And that time you have with her is yours. Please introduce to her to magic and mystery. Please let her feel loved and brave. So now you know.

What were good at... takin' naps.


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