Two Months!

Little Evelyn Mae bearcub is 2 months old today. She’s a growing gal. She just weighed in at 10.45lbs. I’m so proud.


Let’s see… she has discovered her toes, learned how to giggle, told some tall tales, seen snow for the first time and felt it on her tongue, been kissed a million and one times by both mom and dad, and learned how to separate night and day. That last one is not the most important, but it is a great thing she seems to have picked up on. She is now sleeping blissfully for about six hours a night. What?!? How can that be?!? I know. I’m dumbfounded everyday (and by admitting this, I cannot hide behind the excuse that I am still wearing my PJ’s). Sure she cries (in fact I just had to pause this post to ease her hunger cry). And sometimes she yells and demands for food, sleep, or her soother. But for the most part she is content and curious. I just love her. I continue to love her so much everyday. Hurrah little one! You are succeeding at this journey and I am so excited I get to witness you through it all.


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