What I mean to say is that balls are not tough. Oh! and warning I am NOT talking about base/foot/soccer/tennis/golf or any other sport balls. I’m talking about the non medical term for testicles. I read a quote awhile ago and forget how it goes exactly, but it’s basic premise was that using the phrase “tough as balls” is really quite inaccurate because balls tend to be soft, tender, and prone to pain. Instead, it may be more accurate, if we want to continue the theme of using human genitals, to say that being tough or strong or brave would be likened to something female. Like “you’ve got oves. (short for Ovaries)”, or “serious lady parts”! Women are capable of having babies. BABIES and they do it everyday all over the world.

It’s no secret that I am proud to be a woman. Proud to seek out the strength within me. But I am also thankful and grateful and blessed to be surrounded by so many strong and caring men. Caring, sensitive men, who seek compassion and grace as well as bravery and integrity. We, no names mentioned, are trying to break these bonds that put one of us in a role. We are, both of us, human.

Sorry this was so feminist feeling. And also probably so gross. Josh told me I shouldn’t post it. Free speech in your face Mr.Dadkins. Also… I love you. Can’t you tell.

tough as ovaries.


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