Been So Long

So it has been a long time. Too long. Who cares. I was out living my life. Getting married. Having a baby. Taking classes. Reading copious amounts of books on everything and nothing. Going for walks, wishing I was actually in the mountains. Eating good food for me and not so good food for me. Feeling humbled by generosity. Learning to love the grace that is “letting go”. Becoming a mother… that one is a big one. And learning learning learning.

I haven’t abandoned this space. I just needed to live elsewhere. Not on here, but I want to be back if not to just share the sweetness that is consuming my twentyfourhourssevendaysaweek, my baby girl. I’m also not going to become another blog about motherhood… like we need one of those in the world of blogs, but I just thought I would share thoughts on my life and since motherhood has become a new and more forefront characteristic of mine, it will probably dominate a lot of the thoughts.

And this is a new year. I can decide what I want to accomplish or I can just allow the year to roll out like a nice big white blank canvas and my feet are the paintbrushes. I’m going to step into this year knowing who I’ve been and who I am becoming with the hopes of who I want to be. And who I want to be is a woman that is capable of throwing love out there in all ways. I started to get negative towards the end of this last year. My sunny disposition got lost in the dark days of winter, and I want it back. I like to be happy. I like to be positive. I like to seek out the love and magic in all things everyday and mundane. So that is my one and only “thing” I want to accomplish this year. Oh! and to show my daughter the magic and love that is the way of following the lion, my sweet Lucy (I know my daughter’s name is not Lucy, but I can still pray she carries those traits in her, right?).

This has been sufficiently long and winding and leading to nowhere. So here’s a picture because a blog without pictures is bland. 


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