Yipee for the weekend. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt like weekends actually existed. My whole life felt like a giant playground of fun and bobbles hanging from my shoes. I am crossing the divide of student-teacher-student role all week, and I feel like my life more closely follows the American way of living “for the weekend”. It isn’t often that I feel like I’m living for the weekend. In fact, as I reflect it feels like it’s been since 12th grade that I’ve really felt the weekend, like really felt it. Now, however, my life is back in a somewhat more 9-5, or slightly so schedule. It’s been years… almost 8 to be exact, of living like this. College was all over the place, plus APU is a joke in terms of academics, more like A+ in being cray cray. And China was…China. But now finally now, life is taking on a more routine model, and the weekends are becoming more like… weekends. However, I am not slowing down. I fill it up with stuff. With things to do, people to see, laughter to be had, and stress to be added (in the best possible way). So here is to my weekend and henceforth!

I will be going to this tomorrow morning. Since Chicago did Cate and I wrong two summers ago.

beautiful cate and marie

Then I’m going to buy probably a ridiculous amount of Volupsa Candles from Anthroplogie (if I were an art teacher outfit? or English teacher?). Then Brooke and Lael and I will head over to Madewell for these pair of lovelies I’ve been eyeing online. It’s high time mom butts were made sexy… although I don’t have a mom butt… I don’t think at least? (Don’t comment on this). Josh and I are going snowshoeing on Sunday. Me in my new Sorels, and Josh in his “element”. No hibernation this winter. Maybe next, or the next, or never again. Why wasn’t I born a bear?

maybe where we'll snowshoe. heliotrope ridge.


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