Can I get cheesy here for a minute? Can I let myself go into that space of cliches that deny anything original (or hipster), but say it so well? I want to feel worth. I want what I do to feel worthy of something. To feel like what I have to say, what I have to become is worth all of it. All the pain and confusion and apathy and chaos… it is worth it all. Because what I am, who I am is important. And if I know, then I can let others know it. They are important to me. I am important to them. And sometimes all I want to do to let someone know how important they are to me is to dance for them. To dance around in my socks on a carpet with my apron tied high on my waist and spatulas as props in my hands.

this song is just so it right now.

and on a more shallow note, steve allan‘s spring line is one thing I’m looking forward to other than tulips, cherry blossoms, bumble bees, baby bunnies… aah spring. The season of babies and pastels.


my weekend plans (also fire hazard anyone?)


thank you design sponge .

and a short story. last weekend, josh and i wanted to get out, get away, not be in bellingham. our original plan of going to my brothers cabin in pt. roberts was shot down by my brother.


the cabin is more complete than that. from BJ's facebook.


so Josh and I went to the Oyster Dome and camped illegally behind the beautiful dome. It rained all night, but Josh is mountainy and built a fire in the rain. Excited by the fire and warmth, I cuddled up close to it as I chopped veggies for our hobo dinners not realizing that my arm had caught fire. Josh yelled at me. I thought an animal was going to attack me. He got mad at my irresponsibility. I didn’t care. Lael cared. It was her down coat I ruined.

Oh yeah… Lael… I owe you one down coat of equal or LESS value. ahem.


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