Attack of my tonsils.

I felt a growing pain in my throat Sunday night and then come Tuesday night it was a full blown, enlarged tonsil occupying my throat. And last night just got worse. I thought I had curbed it well enough with drinking herbal teas and taking IBprofen to reduce the swelling, but alas, my efforts were futile and I woke up at 3am to a horrible pain in my throat. I stayed up for the rest of the night drinking more tea and whining and randomly crying and wishing that I could just carve a hole in a tree and fall away into another world like Narnia, and leave my tonsils here. So tonight I think I may be faced with another full blown battle with my own body.


just for the science of it all.


so tonight I want to just put on these socks and crawl into bed and watch Jane Austen movies.

I would also like to try this sometime… I mean that is crazy and so cool. But where would I even do this or attempt it. Oh the joys of what is to come when I can remove my tonsils and build a home in the woods with the one I love.


so eerie for some reason.

and so now I am going to make good on these words and attempt to not get down on the pain. (Note: this post isn’t a complaint, more of a beckoning for the universe to curb the pain for a moment). adieu.



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