two in one.

two posts in one day. and here are some things I want to adorn. I also loved going around looking at quaint farms and hidden lodges in the county today. Inspiration center, but I also have to remain grounded in who I am. And who I am becoming. Who “we” are becoming.

I want a Hot Tottie tonight to curb a bug I might be getting.

for my new desk

for my neck

for my legs


4 thoughts on “two in one.

  1. Abby- Have you already gotten the leggings? They sell ’em like hot cakes in Korea. I could mail you a pair.

    ps. I read your blog.

    • no. i have not gotten them. i had a pair in china and wished i could find the cheap ones here… but if they have em in so ko too i want em. I’m going to check out vancouver china town for all my essentials i seem to be missing from china.

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