It is the new year. A new day to be exact, except my new year doesn’t really actually start until August 13th. Doesn’t all of our New Year’s start the day we were born? This confuses me. I also don’t like odd numbered years (they seem suspicious to me). So I’ve decided to rename this new year as twentylovin for many reasons. One of which, the most obvious, is that I am getting married. Woo hoo! And next year I can look forward to smooching one guy when the clock strikes 12… that is if I manage to even stay awake considering I fell asleep at 11pm this New Years. (I am lame).

Just a few things from this New Years that I look forward to or la-ti-da things:


half birthday gift?


watched this movie. loved it.

and this New Year… I cannot wait for summer.


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