long time

One of the blogs I like to look at (demure folk) went silent for a while. And she talked about how maybe that is a good thing because that means she is actually living. I think this might be offensive, but it’s true. The reason why I am so unavailable lately on this thing, is that my life has been so incredibly lived. Not to make my life sound exciting, but it’s being lived. Fully. But also this has made my time for reflection disappear. And this blog is a time of reflection for me. A space for me to put away the books and opinions of others and let my brain sit for awhile with just, well sometimes nothingness, and sometimes big somethings. So I’m sitting here with no reflection, no ponderings, no musings, but a deep desire to remember that I need, absolutely, time to reflect.

(I also don’t feel like I’ve fully digested China yet and this scares me. What if it just disappears? I fear the disappearance of my life and memories.)



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