what i did on my birthday.

this is what I made today sitting on the beach, under the protection of my big ‘ole J.Lo flop hat and high waist short shorts, eating strawberry twizzlers, listening to Ira Glass, laughing out loud, and looking like a lunatic. i think i like the picture 25 seems to be painting.

i watched liv tyler live it up, and i only wish i could wake up everyday and put on those pouty lips and ruffly dresses and make boys want me. also. i’m a fan of the unkempt, tied up white tee over the red, satin skirt. also the floral dress is beyond "in"… it’s had it’s fourth drink in under one hour and headed for the bathroom. and after nursing some worn out chucks past their elderly age, I have no canvas shoes and am needing some pair to fill the role.

other sidenote:
i’ve been watching a shit ton of movies lately. and I think I may need to start forwarding these movies because they’re just sooo good.


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