Extant (ing)

i don’t know if i’ll keep this thing up. because honestly i just enjoy stalking the poop out of people on the internet. People I don’t even know like this blog and this one. I think I want to remain anonymous, without a voice, but still retain big eyes to keep a watchful eye on all that is hip to the cat. maybe this thing will start to become a pass it forward, because I seriously love sharing the little bits of eye candy that I munch on everyday. but everyone seems to be doing that. and the internet is one big wild web of worldly desires and artful wet dreams. perhaps i’ll just keep the little things to myself and continue with my musings. and today marks a month’s return to the grand ‘ole land from the middle kingdom. and a month since i sat on a horse at 14,000 ft, contemplating my inevitable death, and celebrating my eventual survival. oh survival. i cheers you!


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