bikes and rain

i love my bike and i love rain, but not together.

last saturday, sally and I went biking. It was great and I met some beekeepers in a little forest. They were old. They sold me honey. I walked among the buzzing hives. I love the things I see on my bike. They are so different than what I see in a car. Or walking. If I go biking just to bike, I see all the things I’ve forgotten to see. Like synchronized birds in flight, or even animal friendships (because I’m absolutely certain animals communicate to one another and we humans are sometimes to arrogant to speak or deaf to listen). or I see the wind. Like I see it move the grass and chase me down a road beating me to my unknown destination. I love biking.

And rain. Well it cleanses. I’ve never seen the cleansing power of rain so much as in China. When the next sunny day comes around the sky is brilliant (as God intended), and the air feels fresh, and I can see the trees get greener.

For me these two elements in my life are life-giving. I have to hold onto these.


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