new hero.

recently, and most unfortunately, i have discovered itunes university podcasts. i have been watching great intellects debate, explore, and deplore everything and anything. Specifically, I have found Princeton University’s open lectures. and yet this is an hour of my time devoted to crocheting while I listen to topics like the future of food, joseph needham, beginner’s arabic, and public policy. time wasted? no idea. all i know is that this has now become another thing to pull me away from being here. and i find it vastly more entertaining than watching people "sing" KTV at the top of their lungs.

I just watched a really good lecture on what could become my new hero after I research (and not wikipedia research) this person. Joseph Needham. A person who I think was also infected with China. Whatever that means. Maybe China has some sort of untapped source of addictive magic that the unfortunate few become susceptible too, and are forever craving… China. I think Joseph Needham got it when he met his life long lover, Lu Gui Den. I want to read his Science and Civilization in China 20 volume book. Maybe in those 3 million words I will be able to find some sort of psychological source of this life long lover.

and to be reminded kindly from Lu Gui Den that I know shit and China knows oh so much. Gotta get off my high horse every once in a while. me and the tons of other westerners who think we have something important to inform. my baskets empty but i want to fill it to the brim before i go with the wisdom of this place. ah the humility of the unknown is what i seek. we don’t know so much. i want to go to there.


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